Eda Gurel

At Bilkent University, Department of Tourism and Hotel Management, the name Institut Paul Bocuse has long been associated with excellence in the field of Hospitality Management, Food Service and Culinary Arts.
We are proud to be part of the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse involving the world’s top Hospitality, Food Service and Culinary Management schools and universities in four continents.
As the newest member of this leading global network, we believe that the innovative and challenging educational programs of the Alliance will provide a life-changing experience to our students who will have the chance to take theoretical and practical courses from the very best in the industry.

Eda Gürel
Chair of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management


Bilkent University – the first private, nonprofit university in Turkey – was founded on October 20, 1984, by Professor Ihsan Dogramaci, M.D., with the fundamental aim of creating a center of excellence in higher education and research. The name “Bilkent” exemplifies this aim, since it is an acronym of “bilim kenti” : Turkish for “city of learning and science”. The University campus is located off the main highway to Eskisehir about 12kms west of the center of Ankara, and covers an area of more than 300 hectares.

Bilkent University was founded to provide an environment for learning and intellectual growth encompassing the sciences, technology, humanities and the arts, to serve human welfare and foster peace on earth. Education at Bilkent is not simply a means to obtain a vocation, a career. Instead, it endeavors to nurture students in the way of thinking and of learning to learn.

With its diverse educational programs, scientific and scholarly research endeavors, and artistic and cultural activities, Bilkent University aims to help students/individuals develop themselves as critical, analytical and independent thinkers and life-long learners, so that they may become the competent, creative, broad-minded, ethical and socially responsible leaders of tomorrow, who will contribute to the advancement of humanity.

The educational philosophy rests on the premise that those who produce new knowledge also have the best potential to impart it. Scholarly research at Bilkent extends across a wide spectrum. From nanoscience and nanotechnology to political science, from electronics to economics, from fine arts to management and industrial engineering, from philosophy to computer engineering, and in many other areas of science, letters and the performing arts, our academic staff and resources provide a uniquely integrated environment.