San Ignacio de Loyola University (USIL) is a leading institution with 25 years in the education sector. Its vocational training model includes competency training, bilingual education, and a strong entrepreneurial approach. The rector is Mr. Ramiro Salas who is a member of the Board of Directors of the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse.


To train competent and entrepreneurial professionals who are socially responsible and fully capable of performing in both, the domestic and international markets. 


To be a leader in the training of high-quality ethical professionals, according to national and international standards. 


The San Ignacio de Loyola University has four institutional pillars that are part of a philosophical paradigm, a lifestyle, which at all levels of education and in all its projects seeks to promote the development of entrepreneurs capable of achieving personal progress in a broader framework, in a socially responsible way, contributing through its activities to the development of the country, a modern Peru that participates with confidence and dynamism in the global economy. 

Entrepreneurship is our constant source of inspiration and one of the hallmarks of our students’ education. We cultivate an entrepreneurial culture, built on a solid ethical and moral foundation, that promotes innovation, leadership, competitiveness, and value creation, and allows students to identify and take full advantage of business opportunities. 

Investigation and development
We are committed to an inclusive and sustainable national development through an education that prioritizes research and technological innovation in the different areas of knowledge and its transfer to society. Likewise, in each country that we operate, we promote a deep understanding of local characteristics, a sense of belonging, pride in one’s own culture, as well as efficient management of resources.  

We are committed to the sustainable development of Peru and the world, through the implementation of a comprehensive management model that ensures optimal performance of the social, environmental and economic impacts of all operations; providing a quality educational service through the training of responsible, ethical and empathic citizens, capable of proposing sustainable and innovative solutions that generate well-being for society. 

Our global vision allows our students to develop effectively and efficiently anywhere in the world. 270 strategic alliances with academic institutions around the world, the corporate presence in various countries and being a bilingual institution allow our organization to offer an education with a global vision, and with the highest international standards. 


  • More than 21,000 students
  • 8 faculties in 3 campuses 
  • Bilingual Curriculum 
  • Volunteering and social responsibility activities 
  • More than 36 professionals careers 
  • More than 270 international alliances