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Institut Paul Bocuse, international school of Management, Hospitality, Foodservice and Culinary Arts, is evolving to become Institut Lyfe. A new name and a new identity to embody its strategic objectives and new ambition.

Indeed, to reflect its diverse range of courses and the wealth of its environment, Institut Paul Bocuse recently adopted a new name. The new identity embodies the school’s global goals and positioning, as well as its commitment to modernity, innovation, and distinctiveness. This transformation project has been underway for several years and involved a strategic committee comprised of employees, alumni, sponsors, employers, and administrators, who collaborated with France’s top Naming and Branding experts.

Institut Paul Bocuse becomes Institut Lyfe


The new name of the Institut is short, inclusive, and relevant. It reaffirms the school’s origins in Lyon, which has been known as the capital of gastronomy and the French “art of living” since 1935. The name reflects the school’s dedication to revitalizing traditions and its broad international reach.

Institut LYFE stands for LYON FOR

  • Excellence: The transmission of know-how, cultural heritage and the art of French hospitality at their highest levels of excellence through hard work, overcoming limitations, perseverance, respect and humility. Institut Lyfe for the future of tradition
  • Education: A school that, over and above ­teaching, supports intellectual and moral development to allow each student to achieve autonomy and empowerment, to think for themselves and define their own path with a keen awareness of social and environmental issues. Institut Lyfe trains global citizens
  • Exploration: A school that encourages each one of its students to explore the diversity of our professions, exceed their limits and dare to discover their creative abilities, revealing their talent and developing their entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Institut Lyfe is a talent incubator.
  • Experience: More than a school, Institut Lyfe is a fully-fledged life experience, within an international community that shares common values and pride in belonging, a true school of life. Institut Lyfe embodies a global community at the service of the French art of living.

Institut Lyfe’s community comprises around 100 permanent professionals who have achieved exceptional backgrounds and distinctions such as Michelin stars, Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, Bocuse d’Or, and more than 200 teachers, PhDs, external speakers, and industry experts. Together, they are committed to upholding the school’s philosophy of excellence and transmitting their expertise to students worldwide. The school also pays tribute to its founders, who continue to inspire its teachers and students. Institut Lyfe, builds upon their wealth of experience to guide future generations through critical transitions.



The ambition of Institut Lyfe is to strengthen its position among the leading management schools in culinary arts and hospitality worldwide, while maintaining its identity as a professional school and offering its innate French flair to students from all over the world. Thanks to the contribution of all of its teams, Institut Lyfe embodies the strategic aims of the school

Institut Lyfe is dedicated to strengthening its global presence while preserving its distinctive French identity. To achieve this goal, the school has implemented several initiatives, including launching an exchange and international mobility program for all students starting in 2024. The school is also expanding its Alliance Network, which is becoming the benchmark for excellence among hospitality schools worldwide. Additionally, Institut Lyfe is actively promoting the recruitment of international professors and professionals to further enhance its diverse and inclusive community.



Our International Hospitality Educational Network has never been as strong as today, thanks to all its 26 members around the globe. The network name won’t be changing and will remain Alliance, without the mention “by Institut Paul Bocuse”. We will be working accordingly with all Alliance members on building our new identity during the next Board of Directors, happening in Institut Lyfe, formerly Institut Paul Bocuse in June 2023. We are proud to write the next chapter with our members soon.


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