The Alliance Summer Program is a unique opportunity to live an international experience, to gain knowledge, master various skills and key techniques to the French vast heritage and lifestyle, as well as experience the innovative and contemporary vision of the technical and managerial « savoir-faire ». The Alliance Summer Program is a life-changing experience dedicated to students from Hospitality, Restaurant and Culinary Arts fields of education. It takes place every year at Institut Lyfe.

Focus on the advanced culinary arts program

Structured around thematic modules, the Advanced Culinary Arts program gives students the opportunity to learn about French gastronomy, improve culinary skills and develop leadership.
Students benefit from expert teaching that combines theory and hand on classes, demonstrations, tastings and educational visits. Individual assessments and group projects complete the training taught in English.

The benefits

The Advanced Culinary Arts program is an ideal situation to discover the real professional life and follow the path of Monsieur Paul. This innovative educational program enable students to enrich their knowledge and get a deeper understanding of today’s industry. Students grow professionally and as individuals, alongside industry experts, renowned graduates and the best chefs in the country. Beyond the human adventure, students can obtain up to 22 credits ECTS and a certificate signed by Institut Paul Bocuse upon completion. The program’s duration is 10 Weeks.

For further details about the program, the terms and conditions of application: