The Alliance Network was created in 2004 and since, is operated by the Institut Lyfe, (formerly Institut Paul Bocuse) as a non-profit activity in accordance with its legal status. Its main objective is to gather the best higher education institutions and universities in the world, sharing the same educational values and the common goal to promote and develop the professions in hospitality, food service and culinary arts management.

The Alliance is a unique independent and leading global network of excellence in education and aims to serve:

  • The Students as the new generation of future professionals of the hospitality industry
  • The Faculty as highly qualified, creative and innovative teachers and learning facilitators
  • The industry by developing sustainable relations for the benefit of students and alumni
  • The Research in order to develop knowledge, and to produce useable recommendations that are a genuine springboard for innovation.

Today the Alliance covers 25 partners in 21 countries: Bolivia, Canada, Cameroun, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Finland, France, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Lebanon, New Zealand, North Cyprus, Malta, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Türkiye, and the United States of America.



For 20 years, the Alliance composed of the world’s top Hospitality, Restaurant and Culinary Management schools and universities has been expanding over the four continents, keeping the cross-educational experience as a fundamental pillar.  

WHY ?  The development of the network multiplies opportunities and offers a wide range of possibilities in term of know-hows, knowledge, networking and pedagogical development. 

HOW ?  By developing the network, members have access to a richness of cultures, as well as many and varied innovative pedagogical methods. This multi-diversity and multi-culturality allows students to acquire both social and professional skills. In addition to their knowledge, this openness and understanding of the real-world enables them to meet the hospitality industry expectations.