Besides educational objectives, the Alliance Network truly furthers a state of mind !


Enriched by cultural and educational diversity and committed to Excellence, the Alliance Network aims to identify and unite the best Hospitality, Restaurant and Culinary Arts Management schools and universities around the world. 

This international hub of expertise shares and promotes culinary and hospitality heritage, modernity and innovation to better serve the future of their students. The Alliance aims to enhance quality and innovative education, to encourage ongoing education, to develop closer links with the industry in order to maintain high level of employability and to promote the profession worldwide.





Members shall not only adhere to the values and principles that underlie the objective and the mission of the Alliance. They must also demonstrate a continuous support and commitment to the objectives of the network and its activities.

The Alliance Network develops activities for the direct benefit of its members, students, faculty, researchers, as well as to strengthen relations with the industry. Members shall participate at least once a year in the regional and/or international activities organized, among which:

  • Summer program for students
  • Exchange of teaching staff
  • Seminar for faculty
  • Conferences, webinars, online demonstrations
  • Observatory and research
  • Annual general meeting
  • Other activities and development

Members shall organize at least one activity per year, either dedicated to students or faculty members.

The activities shall be aligned with the general interest of the Alliance members and dedicated to the major actors of the network.