Nestor Bocuse d'or Ecuador 2021 and the French team

A visit full of stories

First stop: Guayaquil


At the end of July, the Chef Davy Tissot, winner of the Bocuse d’or 2021, with his Commis Arthur Debray, Alain Le Cossec and Maxime Moïse went to Ecuador for special dinners and events. Firstly, the chefs were able to visit Guayaquil and they had the opportunity to cook at the Bankers club along the chef Javier Ponce. In this famous region, they were lucky enough to visit a shrimp farm as well as the famous “Hacienda Victoria”, producers of high-quality cocoa beans.


Second Stop: Manabí region 


They flew after to the region of Manabí, to discover the richness of the Pacific coast. They were able to visit many restaurants, such as Iche (Chef Felipe Salas), Bocavaldivia (Rodriguo Pacheco), and Gasan (chef Fanny Vergara), all promoting the best products techniques and tastes of Ecuador.

After this week-end in Manabí region, the final stop was Quito, and especially with a three-day visit at Universidad San Francisco de Quito.


Last Stop: Quito & USFQ


The French team at USFQ

On the first day, Chef Davy Tissot had the opportunity to share ab

out his Bocuse d’Or experience with chefs, teachers, and students from the University. He exposed his way of life, and how he became Meilleurs Ouvriers de France & Bocuse d’or. It was very inspiring and a true moment of transmission.

The day after, the Chef Davy Tissot has made a culinary demonstration, showcasing the starter of the winning plate of the Bocuse d’or: The tomato. Students and chefs were lucky enough to ask their technical questions to the chef and taste this amazing recipe.

Finally, the highlight of this trip was the Gala dinner organized in the School, at Marcus restaurant. This Bocuse d’or dinner was prepared by Davy Tissot and his team, as well with the chef Erick Dreyer, chef at Ciré restaurant and previous Ecuador Bocuse d’or Coach, and the chef Nestor Toapanta, chef of Marcus Restaurant and Ecuador competitor at the Bocuse d’or 2021. The chef of Republica del Cacao was also here to prepare the desert. Around 50 people had the chance to try this amazing dinner.

The chefs were able to visit many restaurants such as Foresta (Chef Rodriguo Pacheco), Cire (Chef Erick Dreyer), Somos (chef Alejandra Espinoza) and Muru (Chef Andres Rosero & Ivan Salazar)

A special thank to the team at USFQ that as welcome the team warmly! Merci encore.

The Gala Dinner Bocuse d'or at Marcus