Bahçeşehir University (BAU) is foundation university in Turkey which was established in 1998 in Istanbul. There are 6 campuses in various parts of the city. 

Currently the university has 9 faculties, 1 School of Applied Sciences, 1 Conservatory, 1 School of Foreign Languages, 1 Vocational School and Postgraduate Education Institute with 12 different programs. With the “World University in the Heart of Istanbul” mission, there are 18.150 undergraduate and 1369 associate degree students are enrolled at the university. More than 4.000 international students are studying at BAU. 

As an international university, through its cooperation with 235 universities from 36 different countries, 175 Erasmus + Partner Universities, and 25 World Exchange Partner Universities, BAU promises a world-class education to its students. 

BAU is a member of BAU Global Network which includes BAU International University Washington D.C., BAU International University Berlin, BAU International Batumi, BAU International University Cyprus. 


As BAU Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, we believe that we will strenghten our global vision with being a member of The Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse. We aimed to increase our internationalization and mobility of our students by encouraging them to experience the Paul Bocuse culture. This collaboration will give us the opportunity to represent Turkish cuisine to the alliance members in 4 continents.  The collaborative nature of the alliance will definitely promote the development and professional growth of our students and faculty members, the partnered activities and organizations. Moreover, the membership will help in their better understanding of the global culinary culture.