John Kozar

“We have sent over 50 students to be a part of the Alliance program and it has done wonderful things for their careers. The importance of being a part of the Alliance is that our students get the opportunity to continue to work with culinary students from all over the world. We recognize this partnership in education to be truly unique and prestigious.”

Chef John Kozar
Director, Chef John Folse Culinary Institute


One of the missions of Chef John Folse Culinary Institute is to give our students a global perspective. What better way to achieve this goal than to offer students the opportunity to study in a world class Institute with students from so many different countries and cultures near the gastronomic capital of the world, Lyon.

Learning classical French techniques and French standards of excellence with a diverse classmate base is the backbone of Institut Paul Bocuse’s mission; a mission that we have seen transform the lives of our students since 2005.
The Chef John Folse Culinary Institute is a 2 + 2 formal culinary academic institution.

What that means is that all students learn basic skills and take general education courses in pursuit of their two year Associate of Science Degree, then take classes towards their concentration and Bachelor of Science Degree the following two years.

100% of our students are part of internship programs. These experiences help students gain invaluable experience in the industry as well as networking opportunities for after graduation.

Currently, 200 students are enrolled in the program. In support of the overall mission of Nicholls, we have developed an innovative and challenging culinary curriculum that provides students an opportunity to broaden their learning, express creativity and develop professional skills through research, practice and community involvement.

In the lab (kitchen) setting, we have a 16:1 student-teacher ratio to ensure our students still have quality one-on-one instruction time with the teacher in the lab. A smaller class size allows for students to have more one on one time with their instructors. This specialized instruction will allow students to hone their skills based on their abilities and aspirations.

Although we serve the region and the state of Louisiana, the effects of the institute are felt much further. Chef John Folse Culinary Institute graduates pursue diverse career paths around the globe in food and beverage management, single-unit restaurants, chain restaurants, offshore catering, culinary research, teaching, culinary nutrition, hotel and casino food service operations, food writing and photography, and more.

Traditionally, culinary schools only allow students the opportunity to learn inside the kitchen. At the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute, our students will be provided with the opportunity to do more. With over 100 student organizations and 14 NCAA Division 1 Sports teams, Nicholls students are immersed in campus life where they receive the full college experience at a fraction of the cost of most private institutions. A 4-year degree from Nicholls is approximately half the cost of a 2-year degree from a private culinary school.

Concentrations include Culinary Operations, Pâtisserie, Professional, Service Management, Business Administration, Entrepreneurial Business, Strategic Operations & Logistics Business, Education, Mass Communication Culinary Journalism, Mass Communication Production, and Mass Communication Public Relations.


Being a member of the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse allows us a unique opportunity to immerse our students in cultures and cuisines from not only France, but all over the world. This unique networking and learning opportunity allows our students to grow in the culinary field by furthering their kitchen knowledge and skills, and create lifelong friendships and memories beyond the full-college experience that they already receive at Nicholls State University.

As the only school in the United States, CJFCI is proud to have sent 54 students to the Alliance summer program since 2005 with students consistently placing at the very top of their class. Our students and program have benefitted from this relationship and it is a highlight when recruiting future culinarians. We are forever grateful for the continued support by our culinary benefactors.