National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (NKUHT) was founded in 1995, immediately becoming an important center for producing the best and brightest talents for the hospitality and tourism industries in Taiwan. The goal of NKUHT has always been to cultivate talented professionals to meet societal needs by providing students with the best teachers, facilities, curriculum, and domestic and international internship experiences. The academic units of NKUHT consist of four professional schools (colleges):

The School of Hospitality and Management focuses on the needs of hospitality industry professionals and graduates professionals proficient in the core areas of the hospitality service industry in order to support local development in Taiwan.

The School of Culinary Arts focuses on building skills, artistic talent, and worldview, with a focus on professional culinary education to train professionals with capabilities in culinary arts, administrative management, and creative thinking.

The School of Tourism focuses on practical research, utilizing information technology to integrate fields such as tourism, leisure, and aerospace to train tourism professionals with expertise in both theoretical and practical subjects.

The International College focuses on NKUHT’s objective to internationalize hospitality and tourism education to cultivate hospitality and tourism professionals with international vision and competitive qualifications to work in international settings.


NKUHT joined the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse in 2006 to enhance the international visibility in exchanges and cooperation with worldwide schools and institutions. Currently, there are around 250 international students studying at NKUHT, as the University offers courses taught in English and provides Chinese language courses to assist foreign students in adapting to the learning environment.