Pradita University started from a corporate network of various industries initiated by Summarecon and its corporate business partners. Summarecon and its partners envision an institution where education is upheld on a foundation of character and academic excellence.

One of the main goals of Pradita University is to produce competitive graduates which upholds moral values and are also geared towards a strong theoretical foundation and practical skills. It is with high hopes that we develop students who are ready to work, create  and have high value in the midst of fierce industrial competition, both as professionals and entrepreneurs.


To be a globally competitive university capable of producing graduates with noble character and competence in their chosen fields.


  • Educate students with the principles of integrity, discipline, critical thinking, responsibility, and respect for diversity.
  • Organize higher education activities with effective, efficient and up-to-date learning facilities and environment in accordance with the global trends & development.
  • Develop appropriate research that contributes positively to different industries and the society.
  • Be involved in community service to form graduates who are social aware and morally responsible

Pradita University offers 12 study programs, namely Architecture, Civil Engineering, Urban Planning, Accounting, Retail Management, Business Management, Information Technology, Business Information Systems, Interior Design, Visual Communication Design, Hospitality & Tourism, Culinary Arts. These study programs aim to support students to have opportunities in developing themselves to lead them to the right career and to help them achieve success in the real world.


The Culinary Arts and Hospitality and Tourism Industries look up to France as one of the countries that has the expertise of the field. According to Forbes, the city of Lyon is well known as the gastronomic capital of France. Lyon is home to 20 Michelin star restaurants and to more than 4.000 restaurants; from ancient yet rich specialties to gastronomic restaurants and food markets, we can find plenty of choices to experience a new cuisine and to satisfy the appetite.

Institut Paul Bocuse, one of the leading and prominent campus that has shared its expertise and know-how in the Hospitality and Culinary Arts Industries at the highest standards of excellence since 1990, is located in Lyon. The institute was founded by 2 remarkable persons: Chef Paul Bocuse and Mr. Gerard Pelisson.

Apart from its renowned founders, Institut Paul Bocuse has the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse – where many universities around the world reunite to contribute and give positive impact to the Hospitality Industry from an academic perspective through programs such as student exchanges, training, discussions, and the likes.

Given the narrative above, it is of no question on why we are part of the Alliance and we are proud that we are!


  • Conceptual Study, Action Learning

Offers a unique blend of practical skill development combined with relevant theoretical learning

  • Real Case, Real Experience

Practices effective learning based on the principle of the curriculum “direct learning as it actually happens in real-life” so that students can get used to how it is in real life situations

  • Experienced Academician X Active Practitioner

Provides lecturers with active practitioner backgrounds who are highly competitive and experienced

  • Direct Access to Industry and Professional World

Designs an educational pathway that allows students to have opportunities to interact directly with professionals and entrepreneurs

The Culinary Arts and Tourism Hospitality Programs works closely with the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse to meet the expectations of the Hospitality Industry.

  • Holistic Infrastructure

The cozy environment around the campus and its facilities support student learning and daily activities.

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