Céline Boutros

For 20 years the IGE Hospitality management program has formed top managers and leaders in the Lebanese and the Middle East hospitality industry. The key of our success was mainly due to the continuous enhancement and improvement of our program to adapt to the market needs and changes and to integrate new technologies. IGE is proud to be part of the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse. As a matter of fact, this alliance will allow the institution and our students to open up to international cultures.

Dr. Celine Boutros Saab
Director IGE


IGE proposes to its students four majors in Business Computing, Marketing & Advertising, Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts & Restaurants Management. These four curriculums enable our students to shape characters and profiles perfectly adapted to the market needs. 

Institut de Gestion des Entreprises (IGE) is part of the prestigious Saint-Joseph University and following USJ’s standards, is committed to deliver high quality specialized education. The added-value of IGE majors is that whether the students choose Business Computing, Marketing & Advertising, Hospitality Management or Culinary Arts & Restaurants Management, they are receiving an adapted, top-notch learning that equally equips them with the necessary tools to successfully integrate the job market. 

In 2017, IGE introduced three new majors taught solely in English; Bachelor in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management ; Master of Hospitality Management: Luxury and Lifestyle ; Master of Hospitality Management: Lebanese and Mediterranean Gastronomy and Lifestyle. 

IGE is much more than a traditional curriculum; it is a powerful concept combining both theoretical knowledge and professional knowhow. Today’s student will be tomorrow’s leader, and that has made even more possible with IGE’s standards and innovative learning methods.


Our curriculum at IGE promotes hands-on learning, international exposure, unique experiences and the highest standards in every endeavor our students take. The Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse has been nothing short of a great asset that promotes equal values, and that is truly immersing our students in a unique learning environment where they are exposed to different cultures and challenges.
Their journey at Institut Paul Bocuse is one of self-discovery, of pushing their limits beyond what they thought they could achieve, of friendships and of discipline.