Cheese Keith Muller

Conestoga College has launched his professional Cheese Making program this year and we are proud to share this achievement.

This program teach the practical and scientific knowledge needed to understand small-scale artisanal cheese production as well as larger scale manufacturing. It offers a whole system perspective on cheese making, from animal husbandry and welfare, forage and feed, dairy production, and milk quality. The program covers both the science and art of cheese making by exploring raw and pasteurized milk theory, cheese microbiology, coagulants, curdling mechanisms, and starters. In-classroom theory sessions as well as hands-on and observational cheese making, with a focus on the production of lactic, hard, soft, and traditional cheeses. After learning to make cheeses, focus shifts to affinage, with attention to ripening cultures, climate control, rind treatment, and handling throughout the aging process.

We talk about it in the newspaper:

The link to the program details:

Bravo à Keith Muller & all Conestoga College team members for this excellent program !