La Sabana Campus

2022 – La Sabana is our 22nd members!

The Alliance By Institut Paul Bocuse is extremely happy to announce the arrival of its 22nd member. We are honored and extremely proud to welcome the Universidad de La Sabana in our unique Hospitality Education Network.

La Sabana is located in Columbia nearby Bogota. The renowned International School of Economic and Administrative Sciences within Universidad de La Sabana offers a diverse portfolio of undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in Gastronomy, Hospitality, Management Education and Economy. They focus their educational model on experiential learning and completely share the Alliance values: Trust, Respect & Commitment.


The words of Daniel Prada

The Gastronomy Programme Director, Daniel Prada Granada, says “As a new member in the Alliance, our students can become ambassadors of Colombian Gastronomy, and learn from the other members’ cultural, scientifical and academic achievements. We can begin a new age of international collaboration around Gastronomy, that can only strengthen our institutions and countries contributions to teaching, science, culture and entrepreneurship.”

We are thrilled for this cooperation and we know that we have a lot to share and to learn from each other. Let’s prepare together a bright future to the new generation of Hospitality and Culinary leaders. And as we say in French: Bienvenue!

For more information on Universidad de La Sabana visit their member page