Daniel Prada from Universidad de la Sabana

In the Gastronomy Bachelor’s Programme at Universidad de La Sabana, we are leading the way in gastronomical education. We structure our program in four main areas: food and beverage management, food science, food studies and culinary arts. Our graduates work in the food industry, hospitality sector and further their careers through investigation in their masters and doctoral studies. Our goal is to support the gastronomical growth of our country, as Colombia’s visibility in the world widens, and strives to lead as a touristic destination in South America.

As a new member in the Alliance, our students can become ambassadors of Colombian gastronomy, and learn from the other members’ cultural, scientifical and academic achievements. We can begin a new age of international collaboration around gastronomy, that can only strengthen our institutions and countries contributions to teaching, science, culture and entrepreneurship.

This world’s view is essential to build a future filled with challenges and opportunities, from which our graduates can construct their dreams on solid ground.
We are very grateful and hopeful to be a part of this visionary Alliance.


Daniel Prada Granada
Director Gastronomy Bachelor’s Programme

Escuela Internacional de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas

Universidad de La Sabana


The International School of Economic and Administrative Sciences is a Business School within Universidad de La Sabana that aims to train global leaders with social awareness. In the pursuit of its mission, the business school has focused on developing internationalization, extending its links to the world of practice, promoting project-based work along with pedagogical innovation, and fomenting the quality of the ERS learning experience.

The School offers a diverse portfolio of undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in gastronomy, hospitality, management education and economy. Our educational model is based on experiential learning, the promotion of global perspective and multicultural competencies, as well as strengthening the link to the industry sector. All the business bachelor programmes are accredited with the EFMD Bachelor Accreditation for 5 years, and with the EOCCS certification for online courses.


The Gastronomy Programme is a pioneer bachelor programme in Colombia that aims to train professionals with foundations in culinary arts, food science, food studies, gastronomy management and entrepreneurship.

A professional from the Gastronomy Bachelor’s Programme is capable of leading, designing, and implementing solutions for the food industry, food service, hotel, restaurant, and catering sectors, as well as designing strategies and procedures.


The Administration & Service programme is a unique undergraduate programme at the national level that educates leaders to satisfy the needs of people and organisations in a globalised multicultural environment, that demands and understands service as the action of creating value for others. The programme aims to develop leadership skills that promote the transformation of organizations towards a culture of service, hospitality, and quality.

A professional from BA&S can act as a leader, manager, consultant of service and hospitality strategies in organizations in most economic sectors. Graduates are individuals who motivate and engage teams, understand the needs of people and organizations, and foster personal and professional growth amongst their colleagues. BA&S professionals manage service trends appropriately to meet the needs of internal and external clients in globalized markets.


The School has 4 research groups in Operations and Supply Chain Management; Innovation and Strategy; Business, Economics, and Finance; and Food, Processes Management and Service. The research activities at the School are focused on publishing in journals classified Q1 and Q2 in ISI Web of Science and Scopus databases, for 2021, 52 publications were published in journals classified Q1 (50%), Q2 (23%), Q3 (23%) and Q4 (4%) by SCOPUS and ISI databases, of which 11% are from the Food, Processes Management and Service research group.

The Food, Processes Management and Service research group has designed a road map to advance knowledge and apply research in the development of food products focused on the innovative capacity of interdisciplinary gastronomic designs in science, culture, management, and services. Creativity in the culinary preparations developed at a Food-Lab with the advances in food science leads to the development of products with nutritional and sensory characteristics in an environment of food security in Colombia, and knowledge and dissemination of our gastronomic potential in local and international contexts.