Our mission is to transform the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) from a leading Tourism and Hospitality Institute in Malta, into a Mediterranean hub of excellence in the provision of studies in the sector. We are proud that after a number of years collaborating with the Institut Paul Bocuse we now form part of the Alliance as this will continue to add value to our mission.

We are pleased to say that now instead of us reaching out to International Institutions, we are being approached by a number of high calibre Institutions to collaborate with us and this is a sign that we are not only being recognised here in Malta for the sterling work we are doing but this is also being noticed on the international scene.

Since its foundation, ITS has managed to produce some of the top talented people, who contributed a lot towards the development of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry over the years both locally and internationally. This shows that the Institute transmits the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for our students to reach success in their future work life, and through which they can continue in the footsteps of their predecessors.


Pierre Fenech




Institut Paul Bocuse is a pillar in advocating the principles of Hospitality and Culinary Arts. Joining the Alliance was a natural move for the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS), as we deliver and practice the same principles. ITS’ mission is to shape excellence and innovation in Tourism, through teaching and learning, quality research, advice, and realisation of innovative business concepts.

Located in Malta, the heart of the Mediterranean, ITS is well known for the warm hospitality, luscious food, and splendid beaches. Being the leading tourism and hospitality educational institution in Malta, ITS offers its Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts in collaboration with the Institut Paul Bocuse. The Alliance allows our students to explore other cultures from around the world that share the same passion for their craft.