Combining RDI into Learning, a Case Study called Hungry For Finland

On November 8th, Haaga Helia generously presented an insightful webinar to the Network, focusing on the integration of Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) into the learning process. Titled “Combining RDI into Learning, a Case Study called Hungry For Finland” the webinar served as a compelling case study. We extend our sincere appreciation to Haaga Helia for their innovative and commendable approach.

Special congratulations are in order for the exemplary work of students Ilia K. and Natalia C. Their contributions were instrumental in providing a profound understanding of Hospitality Culture in Finland. Their efforts have not only enriched today’s world but have also presented a valuable educational resource for all.

For those interested in revisiting this enlightening webinar and exploring the students’ presentations, please refer to the link below, which you are encouraged to share within your institutions. Additionally, attached are the PDF versions of the students’ presentations.

Enjoy the presentations:

  1. Presentation 1 – Combining RDI into Learning Case Study
  2. Presentation 2
  3. Presentation 3

We look forward our future Alliance events and we will be happy to share them!