The team was made up of the Gastronomy students Antonia Coppola and María Fernanda Calvo, accompanied by the professor of the same course, Daniela Pizarro.

In just six hours they made a sculpture of dead dough (without yeast) and made 130 pieces of different types of bread.

For the first time in its history, the traditional International Championship of Young Bakers, organized by the International Union of Bakers and Pastry Makers (UIBC), had a national presence: two Gastronomy students from INACAP, Antonia Coppola (25) and María Fernanda Calvo (23), who obtained a quota to compete with young specialists in bakery and pastry from different parts of the world.

In its 50th edition, held in Berlin, Germany, eight teams from France, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Iceland, Singapore, Vietnam and Chile participated. Representing our country, Antonia Coppola and María Fernanda Calvo, from the La Serena and Apoquindo campuses, respectively, traveled accompanied by the professor of the same course, Daniela Pizarro, who was a fundamental piece in the preparation process to reach the the world of the specialty, and in obtaining sixth place.

Year after year, this world championship summons different teams around the world to design and make their own bread figures under different concepts. Thus, this year “Nature” was the theme under which the participants had to create a -literal- mass sculpture. In addition, they had to make 130 pieces of different types of bread in just six hours, where they used national flavors, such as merquén, quince jam, Chilean seeds and homemade jams.

The Chilean team had an intense week of preparation where baking was practically the only thing they did the previous days to arrive with the best rhythm and recipe to Germany and surprise the jury. “We were really tired and at the same time excited by what we were experiencing. The competition was experienced with very good vibes and we were able to meet experts from whom we learned a lot”, says María Fernanda Calvo.

“They have a different bakery culture there, and being able to see how they handle their passion for this was amazing, especially for someone who wants to be a baker. Our preparation for the instance was very well directed and was super productive with the whole team”, adds Antonia Coppola.

Meanwhile, the INACAP teacher in charge of the Chilean team, Daniela Pizarro, along with highlighting the relevance of participating in an instance like this, pointed out that “what was experienced here was something wonderful for the competitors and also for me, with a high level, great unique environment and learning. Next year we will seek to be present again.” The podium of this edition was made up of France, Switzerland and Spain, who took first, second and third place respectively, while the four debutants along with Sweden returned to their countries with the experience of having participated and learned from this great international experience.