The Undergraduate Program of Hospitality and Business Management which is part of the Institution Management School of Universidad Panamericana (ESDAI), Campus Guadalajara, aims to provide business mindset skills and innovative vision to our students, which will let them create ingenious strategies to transform hospitality into a business lifestyle, searching to achieve goals of companies and hospitality industry organizations, and always acting with ethics and social responsibility.


  • Development of business and entrepreneurial skills
  • “Distintivo H” Certified Laboratory Practices which recognizes hygiene, and good practices of food and beverages manipulation. This certification is also recognized by the Mexican Tourism Official Association.
  • Only Mexican University with a partnership with Institut Paul Bocuse which gives students the opportunity to experience a summer program abroad to achieve a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurants Administration.
  • A total of three professional internship programs in the hospitality industry in companies in México or abroad.
  • Only Mexican university that gives students the opportunity of a double Degree in the César Ritz Colleges located in Switzerland, one of the top hotel management programs in the world.
  • ESDAI is certified by CONAET (International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education) – certificate which guarantees quality in educational standards as well as constant improvements in the matter.

Today 170 students are studying their bachelor’s degree and more than 51 students are enrolled in the postgraduate programs.


According to ESDAI Guadalajara, the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse represents the notions of internationalization and innovation, as well as the great opportunity to learn from other cultures.

During the Summer Program, our students have an opportunity to coexist with peers from twenty different nationalities along a four-month time frame in Lyon, France. Among the beauties of this program, mention may be made of the enrichment of skills and knowledge on how to manage a different work environment as well as the understanding and appreciation for other cultures with diverse values and ideologies.

Finally, learning about the French Cuisine as well as discovering the culinary cultures of other Alliance members is also a great privilege. It is an honor to be able to work closely with alliance members to strengthen the values of, TRUST RESPECT and COMMITMENT.