Mexican desserts with history

Have you ever heard about Buñuelos de rodilla and Cafe de olla? If not, you missed the pastry demonstration given by Cheffe Maria José Funes Pérez Montemayor on March 11, 2021.

Native from Guadalajara, México, Cheffe Maria José Funes Pérez Montemayor is Coordinator of Food Laboratory at ESDAI Guadalajara, member of the Alliance since 2008. In the framework of this worldwide partnership, Maria José gave a two hours online demonstration on the theme of “Mexican desserts with history”. She shared the secrets of two sweet Mexican recipes, as well as her passion with over XX participants representing XX countries.

Passionate about cuisine and driven by the will to constantly improving, Maria José came to Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France in 2019. She was the first teacher to enroll in the Culinary Arts Summer Program. She followed the 14-weeks training course dedicated to French gastronomy, during which she learnt alongside the chefs of Institut Paul Bocuse and exchange about best practices.

Every month, the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse invites students, alumni, faculty staff and researchers to a series of exclusive events and activities aligned with the interests of the network. A unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Alliance members’ cultures.

Photo: Mexican Demonstration Maria José Funés