An Applied Research explores ways to identify food waste and how to address it.

By Nicole Detlor, Director, Food & Research and Innovation, and Stephen Thomson, Director, Centre for Supply Chain Innovation, Conestoga College

Last November 2022, The Hospitality Seminar took place at Conestoga College. The participants had the chance to experience many times the excellent food at Bloom Restaurant. We got insight from the research conducted in the restaurant.

Nicole Detlor and Stephen Thomson, both working at Conestoga College, were willing to demonstrate the impact and solutions to greenhouse emissions related to food and packaging choices and food waste. They turned Bloom Restaurant into a climate action living lab, with an ambitious target of reducing waste by 50%.

Through Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA), they have:

  • Conducted a Food Audit
  • Collected results on Food Waste
  • Reduced the Food Waste at the Restaurant (food preparation waste and dinning room/plate waste)

If you are willing to learn more about this amazing initiative, the Research was published in the Magazine Canadian Food Business Winter 22/23, and you may find the article page 18.

Otherwise, you can download the magazine here:

Canadian Food Business Winter 2022-23