Summer Programme End Picture 2023

A true opportunity!

The Alliance Summer Program is an opportunity for students from our partner schools to perfect their culinary skills and experience thanks to cultural exchanges. For few weeks, these students from all over the world set foot in the capital of gastronomy, Lyon, with the shared objective to learn more about the French Cuisine & Culture.


This year, 12 countries and 4 continents were represented: South America with Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia – North America with Canada and the United States – Europe with Finland and Estonia – Asia with Turkey, Taiwan, and Singapore. To facilitate exchanges, the batch was divided into 3 groups, in which nationalities were mixed.


For most of the students, this stay in France was the first one. Through their courses, the whole class was able to practice basic French recipes and work with products from our country.

Summer Program end - 2 students

They also enjoyed activities organized by the Institut Lyfe, formerly Institut Paul Bocuse to explore the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and took advantage of their free time to travel in France and its surroundings.

Are you willing to strengthen your culinary skills? Join us in 2024 in France for this amazing program! Write us for more information with this email address.