A new year, a new member: Universidad Iberoamericana

Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO) officially becomes a member of the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse.

Recognized in Mexico and abroad as one of the most important private higher education institutions in the country, Universidad Iberoamericana offers a wide range of academic programs designed to meet the human and professional training requirements demanded by our students and society. The university offers 36 bachelor’s degree programs, six university technical careers, 44 graduate programs: 11 doctorates, 28 master’s degrees and five specialties. The degree in Hospitality Management meets the growing demand for services by covering specifically four relevant aspects in business strategy: accommodation services, food and beverage services, assistance and finally, the services of the entertainment industry. It is accredited by the International Education Quality Accreditation Agency (EQUAA).

Academic excellence, emotional maturity, ethical responsibility and experience of transcendence are some of the characteristics of the educational model that forms professionals who, upon graduating, continue to be an essential part of the IBERO educational project.

Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO) is proud to belong to the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse. Being part of this network of prestigious universities, it will allow us to further enrich and strengthen academic and student training by building up networks of multidisciplinary knowledge and learning, towards new innovative and sustainable projects that allows the generation better practices with an international business vision and with a high commitment to respond ethically and responsively to the needs of our society.

Universidad Iberoamericana joins the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse as the third member located in Mexico, along with ESDAI Campus Mexico and ESDAI Campus Guadalajara, trusted partners since 2008.

Photo: IBERO, New Member